Roadmap for Pepr

2024 Roadmap

Phase 1: Preparation - Testing and Docs

  • Q1:
    • Establish Medium for Communication with Community: Establish communication channel for community members and contributors. Easy/discoverable “how to contribute” guide.
    • Site/Documentation: Improve information architecture, nail killer use-cases, and make it obvious how to get started and find your way around.
    • Automated Testing: Focus on stories that increase confidence in protection of features and functionality. Simplify hello-pepr and bring e2e test against external repo with examples. Make sure that contributions are well-tested.

Phase 2: Community Building, Competitive Analysis, and Feature Development

  • Q2:
    • Community Engagement: Begin engaging with potential contributors and users through social media, Kubernetes/Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) meetups, and other channels. Monitor and participate in our Slack channel.
    • Feature Development: Based on company feedback, continuously improve and add features. Add feature parity with other tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem where it makes sense. Chip away at the backlog.
    • Documentation Improvements: Continue to improve documentation and add more examples like Doom, find scaling limitations
    • Competitive Analysis: Understand the competitive landscape and how/where Pepr can/does differentiate itself. Have it in the docs.

Phase 3: Donation, Transition, Move Project, and Stabilization/Improvement of New Features

  • Q3:
    • Donation:
      • Donate the project to the CNCF.
      • CNCF Code of conduct
      • CNCF IP policy
      • CNCF CLA
      • Discoverable and simple governance model
      • move project to its own organization
      • ensure license in Apache 2.0
      • Transfer trademark, logo, domain name, and other assets to CNCF.
    • Community Building: Grow the contributor base, establish a governance model, and encourage community-led initiatives. Interact with people in our Slack channel.
    • Feature Development: Based on community feedback, continuously improve and add features. Rigoursly test and document and review code.
    • Project Advocation: Publicly advocate for the project and encourage adoption.
    • Submit PR for Sandbox
      • Submit sandbox PR when ready

Phase 4: Post Donation

  • Q4:
    • Road to GA: Right now, Pepr itself is still in its ‘development’ phase. We are working on some final things before we release the official 1.0 General Availability (GA) release
    • Community Meetings:
      • Monthly community meetings/steering committee meetings/contributor meetings
    • Review Sandbox PR
      • Review PR for sandbox
    • Road to Incubation:
      • to come